How to Publish an Article

If you would like to upload an article to this site call me or send me a text or email and I will give you the password. You will have to create the document in MS Word and save it as an HTM file which is one of the optional file-types available in MS Word. You can add as many photos to your article that you wish. When MS Word saves the file as an HTM document it will save your photos in a folder it creates labeled yourfilename_files. When you name your file use a short descriptive name such as. "Our Fun at the Beach" since this will be the name that shows up on the site. In this case your photos will be in a folder named: Our Fun at the Beach_files. Photos should not be greater than 4.3 inches wide and if photos are in a table there cannot be more than two photos on a row. To size your photos after pasting them in your MS Word document, right-click on the photo and select "size and position" from the menu. If you don't see this menu item when you right-click on the photo select "Picture Tools" from the tool bar and you will see it at the right.